How to become a TV Commercial model

TV Commercial Models

The requirements for TV commercial models vary depending on the client and the target audience for the commercial. The model’s size, height and age will all depend specifically on that particular commercial, which could possibly range from children to grandparents. TV commercial models do not have strict height and weight requirements like high fashion models do. TV commercial modeling is a great option for those who want to model, but do not meet all of the requirements for high fashion modeling.

It is always a plus to have some acting experience for these jobs, as they tend to pay well! It’s expected of a model to know what to do and how to behave on camera and on set. It’s important to remember that models must know how to act and actors must know how to model because the two go hand in hand. The great thing about TV commercials is that many companies want to use a variety of models so that the audience is able to relate to the model. Models of all ages can do TV commercials!

Locally we do both speaking and nonspeaking commercials. The PMTM Agency has been very successful at placing models and talent locally and nationally with places such as Alson Jewelers, Altercare, Cedar Point, Discovery Channel, Dreamworks, Farmers National Bank, Ohio Lottery, Wayside Furniture and many more! If you are interested in TV commercial modeling, get started today by contacting the PMTM Agency at 330-666-4125 or email