How to become a runway model

Runway Models

In a commercial market, runway models don’t have to meet the same requirements as a model in high fashion. Runway model requirements can vary widely in size, height, and age because clients use a variety of models depending on what they are looking for. The same guidelines apply to all models. You need to be self-confident, polished and have a pleasant and easy going personality because you will be dealing with all types of people. Professionalism is always an important part of modeling because it increases your chances of people wanting to work with you again.

When arriving for the job, models must be prompt, well-rested, full of energy and prepared to work. Runway modeling requires hard work and you must be ready and able to handle the amount of effort and energy it takes to keep up with the fast pace industry.

Locally, the PMTM Agency places models from back to school shows, to designer shows for high-end department stores. If you are interested in runway modeling, get started by contacting the PMTM Agency at 330-666-4125 or email