How to become a promotional model

Promotional Models

Promotional modeling is another area that’s great for people who do not fall into that tall, high fashion category. Promotional models have to be at least 16 years of age and must be pulled together and polished from head to toe. You also have to be super outgoing and not afraid to talk to people to be a promotional model.

Promotional models often make great money because they are spokesmodels for the company that they’re representing. As a promotional model, you get to be the hostess of the event for the company, so have fun and make the most of the job! There are always companies who are in need of promotional models.

Here in Ohio have a demand for promotional models. Our promotional models get to do all kinds of fun and enjoyable assignments, from Wella Hair products to Purell. If you’re interested in promotional modeling, get started today by contacting the PMTM Agency at 330-666-4125 or email