How to become an Print model

Editorial Print Models

Have you ever wanted to be featured in one of those incredible magazines you see on the shelves in stores everywhere? If so, editorial print is the type of modeling you are looking for. Editorial print is very similar to fashion because the requirements are very much alike. In editorial print modeling, you build a name for yourself like Cindy, Linda, or Kate have! You are required to be very photogenic, have strong features and a great personality. Editorial print modeling is very diverse and there are no height or weight requirements. Men looking to do editorial print modeling should have a perfectly cut body. The men in fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ are editorial print models.

Commercial Print Models

Commercial print models are in ads for big and small companies. They have to know how to move in front off the camera. They also have to have a current and pulled together image, along with a great personality. The criteria are based on the modeling industry norms, not “real life” norms. However, height still matters for commercial print modeling. On average, a female commercial print model is around 5’6” tall and a male commercial print model is around 5’11” tall. 96 percent of all print commercial model requests are for women over 5’6” tall.

The PMTM Agency does a great deal of work with commercial print modeling here in Ohio. The PMTM Agency has placed models with Columbus Bride, All You Magazine, Cosmo Girl, Nike, Beauty First, Best Cuts and many more! If you are interested in print modeling, get started today by contacting PMTM at 330-666-4125 or email