How to become a character model

Character Models

Any model and talent can achieve a character look (i.e. construction workers, nurses, doctors, secretaries, cheerleaders, college students, school teachers, businessmen and women). You must be able to fit the appearance and personality of any specific character depending on what is wanted for the job. Character models can also be comedic or extreme (i.e. nutty professor, frazzled business person, etc.). This skill may be easy for some models but normally it takes some development for a model to be totally comfortable with character modeling

The requirements to be a character model may vary, but the most important quality is a high level of self-confidence! Your appearance may be an ‘everyday look’ or maybe it is an unusual or unique look. There is always the potential for every type of face in character modeling, you just have to understand your face and body to help shape yourself to fit the role. In a commercial market, there is a high demand for character models, each client needing a different look, so there is a chance for many types of models to be selected!

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